#Create a new Serverless Stack app
$ npx create-serverless-stack my-sst-app
$ cd my-sst-app

#Start the Live Lambda Dev environment
$ npx sst start

#Deploy to prod
$ npx sst deploy --stage prod

Live Lambda Development

Work on your local Lambda functions live, without mocking or redeploying your app.

Breakpoint debugging

Use Visual Studio code and set breakpoints to debug your Lambda functions.

Composable serverless constructs

Higher-level CDK constructs made specifically for building serverless apps.


Louis Barclay


Loving migrating over from serverless framework to @ServerlessStack's new sst

I can vouch for it as a fantastic way to easily chuck some serverless functions into the world

Claudio Cicali


The best solution I have found is @ServerlessStack

Uses CDK and a Websocket proxy to be able to use the real AWS resources. Deploy remotely, test locally. It's pretty good.

Mike McCall


Love #cdk and @ServerlessStack for IaC. Live lambda for working out #shopify oauth handlers in the cloud šŸ¤Æ. Crazy what you get for less than 20 lines of code.



@ServerlessStack is really well thought out, i migrated a complicated set of terraform modules into SST + CDK in just over a day

Manuel Alejandro


Excellent framework to get started with serverless:



Dax Ravi


If you're new to serverless don't get confused by SAM or Serverless Framework, the way forward is AWS CDK alongside @ServerlessStack

Luca Mezzalira


This week I discovered @ServerlessStack and I really liked the live reload feature so I give it a go last night #dx was really smooth, using #cdk open up many possibilities
I created a #ssr catalogue with #webpack #react and lambda debugging in sec any part of the application šŸš€

Albert Gao


Keep finding myself back to the old-school server approach when doing side projects because of the rapid feedback loop, until I found @ServerlessStack. Update local code, instant change on the remote endpoint.Magic! Connect to local db for dev and AWS auora for deployment. Great

Seth Geoghegan


Check out @ServerlessStack. They address these specific pain points with their framework. A nice bonus is their documentation is second to none.

Adam Elmore


If I were an investor, Iā€™d be throwing money at this crew.
In this practitioners opinion, there are whole waves of disruption that will be unleashed as the gap between devs and serverless is bridged.
These folks are building that bridge šŸŒ‰


Quick start examples to help you build the type of Serverless Stack app you want. View all the examples


Create a serverless REST API on AWS using the SST Api construct to define our routes and functions.

View example
1 new sst.Api(this, "Api", {
2  routes: {
3    "GET /notes": "src/list.main",
4    "GET /notes/{id}": "src/get.main",
5    "PUT /notes/{id}": "src/update.main"
6  }

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